August 21, 2008

As seen on TV...

Hillbilly Hot Dogs is a unique place located in Huntington, WV.  It's a hometown joint where locals go for tasty hot dogs covered in strange toppings, we're not talking ketchup and mustard here people, I'm talking about salsas, cheeses, peppers, just about anything you can think of.  
I heard about it one night while watching the Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
So while on my recent trip to WV, Momma Warrick and I took a drive through downtown Huntington to cruise the Marshall University campus and drove past this great spot.  Having heard the hoopla about the restaurant, I had to stop in and see what it was all about!  To my surprise, the owners were sitting right there, grabbing some grub.  This husband and wife team, Sonny & Sharie, have created quite a unique menu and dinning experience!  
Below are some great pictures from our afternoon...

The Home Wrecker Hot Dog. - You got it, that's a hot dog he is holding on that platter!  This would be the house speciality.  It's a 1 lb hot dog, deep fried in canola oil, topped with sauteed peppers & onions, smothered in chili sauce, nacho cheese, jalapenos, ketchup, mustard, cole slaw, tomatoes, lettuce, and shredded cheddar cheese.  Oh and all stuffed in a grilled bun.  

We did not see this humongous hot dog in person, so these are some pics I found on the Internet from another person's visit - looks pretty impressive!
The Single Wide - Double Stacked Burger.  That's right, it's one cheeseburger!  The classic Single wide is a beef burger, w/sliced cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles.  Of course, you can add ketchup, mustard and mayo.  Stack two of those 5 lb patties on top of each other and you have the 10 lb Double Stacked Single Wide Burger!  I'd say I'm more of a burger person than a hot dog gal, so I was seriously impressed with this masterpiece when a group of people ordered this the day we where there...WOW!

Momma Warrick was so impressed with the Double Stacked burger, she decided to order one too, but a smaller version of course!  She went with the 6 oz burgers, called Big Bad Bubba's Baby Sister Bertha Burger!  I can say it was very tasty indeed, since I snuck in a few bites.  I had to go with a hot dog to see what all the hype is about.  I decided on the Pizza Dog - a hog dog, covered in pizza sauce, cheese, and excellent choice I think since it's was the first thing that caught my eye on the menu!  Overall, a really fun day at a really fun spot.  One of the greatest adventures in life is trying new things...that sums up my feeling on the day - lots of fun with my Mom, at a really fun place. Thanks to Sonny & Sharie for a great restaurant filled with friendly service and lots of fun memories!!  Check out Hillbilly Hot Dogs if you're ever in Huntington, WV.

August 19, 2008

Great time for a great cause...

This past weekend's Alexis Black Walk was a huge success on all levels!  We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day with just the right amount of breeze to keep everyone comfortable.  We were blessed with great company, about 150 people attended the walk...people who know Lexi and wanted to be there to honor her, people who had heard about the walk and wanted to support the cause.  We were blessed with generous donations too....already raising over $11,000 for the Smith Lemli Opitz foundation - How great is that!

Lexi with her Mom & Dad, Mandy & Jason...

Everyone who attended remarked on what a great job was done with organizing this first of it's kind walk.  So many fun things to do in addition to the walk it self...Mandy & Jason organized a face painter to come out, rented a huge blow up jumping house, provided an awesome snow cone machine...gathered donations together for free lunch for everyone...a totally awesome day and a totally awesome feeling to be part of such a special day!   

Enjoy some pictures from the walk and check out the TV News clip that aired that evening...

People gathering before the walk...
Mandy, Jason and Lexi lead the walk...
Me, Mandy, Lexi enjoying the day...
Me, Momma Warrick, and Lexi after the walk...Here is a link to the story that aired on Huntington's ABC station about Lexi &  the walk. 

Check it out!      Lexi's TV Debut

August 07, 2008

Walking for Awareness

I'd like you to meet Lexi Black...Tell me she's not one of the cutest girls in pigtails you've ever seen!
Lexi was born with a genetic condition called Smith Lemli Opitz Syndrome (SLOS), which effects 1 in ~20,000 births. SLOS babies are unable to make the right amounts of cholesterol, which is essential nutrient in cell development in our bodies.  The lack of proper cholesterol can result in delays in growth and brain development.  A typical treatment for this syndrome is to use dietary cholesterol, like pasteurized egg yolks, to help make up for the needed amounts of cholesterol. 

Lexi is fortunate to be on the "mild" side of this genetic disorder and according to her team of specialists she is developing really well.  When she was born, she stayed at the hospital for weeks after her birth, to figure out why she wasn't eating.  Feeding problems are very common with SLOS babies, doctor's were unsure of why this sweet little baby girl couldn't figure out "how to suck", so she stayed on the feeding tubes even when she was finally able to go home.  

Lexi brings such joy to the lives of everyone who knows her.  She's got the best smile.  She's got the deepest brown eyes that melt your heart you hold her.  She's got a little attitude that is a sure sign she's going to be a handful as she's grows up! 

Lexi's parents are two of the strongest, most inspiring people I know.  Raising your first born baby has got to be challenging in by itself, but then to be faced with some of the challenges they've been through, it really shows how important it is to pull together to support one another during tough times.  And that's exactly what they do.  

They have organized the Alexis Black Walk for SLOS which will be held this weekend in their hometown near Huntington, WV.  The money raised for the walk will be donated to the Smith Lemli Opitz Foundation.  They have already met their fundraising goal, which is awesome, so it's going to be a great event this coming weekend to celebrate what a cutie Lexi is and how lucky we all are to have her in our lives!!
Here is a link to the website if you'd like to read more about Lexi:

August 04, 2008

New Layout...

So is it a "girl" thing?  The fact that I like to move the furniture around every so often in the house.  

Take an extra couch from the basement, move it up to the living room, then rearrange it time and time again?  JJ says he likes to "change it up every now and then", but I probably wouldn't notice it b/c I'm always wanting to move stuff around.   

For me, I do it to help keep things fresh, you know, change the feel of the room without spending tons of money on all new furniture, which is what I'd really want to do!  

Our most recent change has been moving a smaller couch into the living room.  We did buy a new rug to add to the space, which gives it a new look...we also switched out the coffee table, which after a few days, I've decided I like better than the other one. 

All these options are possible b/c when two people, who already had their own places, move in together, you end up with two of almost everything.  So now it's JJ's couch and coffee table, with LW's chair and Tv/Tv stand.  I think some different curtains and artwork will complete the look.  

We'll see how long this layout far, I'm feeling it!