August 04, 2008

New Layout...

So is it a "girl" thing?  The fact that I like to move the furniture around every so often in the house.  

Take an extra couch from the basement, move it up to the living room, then rearrange it time and time again?  JJ says he likes to "change it up every now and then", but I probably wouldn't notice it b/c I'm always wanting to move stuff around.   

For me, I do it to help keep things fresh, you know, change the feel of the room without spending tons of money on all new furniture, which is what I'd really want to do!  

Our most recent change has been moving a smaller couch into the living room.  We did buy a new rug to add to the space, which gives it a new look...we also switched out the coffee table, which after a few days, I've decided I like better than the other one. 

All these options are possible b/c when two people, who already had their own places, move in together, you end up with two of almost everything.  So now it's JJ's couch and coffee table, with LW's chair and Tv/Tv stand.  I think some different curtains and artwork will complete the look.  

We'll see how long this layout far, I'm feeling it!

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