July 25, 2008

Will it ever get here...

I'm not sure if I've ever wanted a vacation to happen sooner than I want our trip to the beach to get here this summer.
In 29 days, we'll be arriving in Holden Beach, North Carolina - it's a quaint little beach town at the most southern part of NC. The type of place that doesn't have high rise hotels and a McDonald's on every corner. There's one grocery store to buy all your food for the week and a cute family owned coffee shop to pick up your morning latte if you choose.
I'm relaxed just thinking about the beach...a great way to wrap up the week.
So much to look forward to ... in less then 30 days!


Kate The Great said...

Did you take that shot yourself?

Looks beautiful - love how it captures the lighting and shadows.

How are you enjoying the temp schedule?

LW said...

Yeah, the picture is from our house we stay in last summer!

Evenings off has been fabulous. Let's get together soon.