September 16, 2008

Life with out power...

The effects of Hurricane Ike in the Cincinnati area are crazy! Nothing like what the Texas cities and other areas of the southern U.S. are facing, but I'd say everyone here was a bit surprised and caught off guard when those strong winds rolled in Sunday afternoon, knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of people. Trees uprooted from the ground, split branches and tons of debris to clean up in the coming days.

Some rumors going around say it might be the weekend before the power gets restored to most of the Queen City. So, we wait.

I am thankful to have a gas water heater (I can still take a hot shower, just can't blow dry my hair) and a gas stove (I can still make the ol' standby for dinner, spaghetti). Luckily I hadn't made it to the store for the monthly fill up on grocery's that would be going bad; like my daily breakfast of strawberry or peach yogurt, or lots of meat to stock up on in the freezer, or fresh turkey from the deli for sandwiches, so it's not like my fridge/freezer was filled with food - Thankfully.

All in all, I'd say it's not so bad for us. We've been getting creative with how we spend our time since there's no electricity in St. B. We go to the park and "play" soccer (actually JJ plays, I just kick the ball back to him!). We've been watching TV shows & movies on the computer rather than the television. We cooked a frozen pizza on the grill for dinner last night - quite tasty given the circumstances!

If you're a reader who's lost power, I hope life it's too bad for you & that life gets back to normal soon for all of us!


Becky said...

No power here in the Madison Place, either. Grrr. At least I have my crack berry. :)

LW said...

Hope you are all holding up okay! It's been crazy for sure, I can't imagine having a newborn and having to deal with all this. Hopefully you'll get the power back really soon, if you don't already have it today!