November 24, 2008

Fall Leaves - Beautiful, but a pain to take care of !!

With the warmer temps this past Sunday, JJ and I hit the backyard for one of the many tasks that are on the list of "homeowner" chores. Raking, Leaf Blowing, & Gutter Cleaning - Fun, Fun, Fun! (haha) It is true that the brightly colored leaves are one of my favorite parts of the fall season, but this is not one of my favorite chores!

The leaf raking and collecting went fairly fast with both of us working ... piling them up into big bundles and then using the ol' leaf blower on reverse to suck up the leaves into the bag. One nice thing about our city is that we are not required to "bag" the leaves into those brown lawn bags. We simply have to put the leaves & yard waste out on the curb and the street collection trucks will pick it up.

On to the gutters...the dreaded gutters - ugh! I will fully admit that JJ does the gutters and I simply hold the latter and trash bag for the stinky debris. Last season we bought one of those contraptions that attaches to the leaf blower to extend up to the gutters and blow out the leave build up.

So, we decided to give it a shot this time. It did take some time to get used to the power of the leaf blower w/ the attachment tube, and the tube didn't exactly fit our leaf blower, so we broke out the duck tape to secure the attachment, then we were moving at quite a quick pace.

All in all, we have determined that it did speed up the process, but b/c it blows the leaves out of the gutter, then more raking is necessary to bag up the debris. I do think that once JJ got the feel for how strong the blowing was, it went pretty fast and I was able to rake as he went on down the roof line with the blower attachment.

I could not resist taking a picture of this whole process ... We got quite a good laugh - Enjoy!!


Kate The Great said...

That's pretty hilarious! JJ looks like the mad scientist of the lawn, proud of his invention!

I don't envy your homeowner chores, but I sure do wish I had my own little corner to mess around in...

Denae said...

Like Kate, I wish I owned gutters BUT it looks like such a pain to have to deal with it. JJ is giving it his best though and you have to love that! Happy Thanksgiving!