December 26, 2008

I Love You, Your Perfect, Now Change

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park is showing a great musical comedy called "I Love You, Your Perfect, Now Change".

According to the shows
website, "I Love You, Your Perfect, Now Change" is "Off-Broadway’s phenomenal longest-running musical celebrates the modern-day suburban mating game. Audiences fill the theatre with laughter as the cast explores the joys of dating, romance, marriage, lovers, husbands, wives, and in-laws."

The musical play is a very funny & realistic interpretation of the challenges and celebrations that go into dating and developing relationships. I found myself laugh out loud at many moments during the various scenes, I also found myself really reflecting on some of the more serious issues the play covers.

If there is any chance you're in the Cincinnati area and have the chance to see this show, I would highly recommend it! (It runs through December 31st - in fact, it would be the prefect way to spend New Year's Eve with your sweetie!)

Click here to go to the playhouse's website for ticket information.

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