April 13, 2010

Brains on Bikes

I saw an article on CNN this morning that I thought was very interesting. The article is part of a series of articles on the website geared toward the 2010 census and how people define their identity.

This particular article introduces Anne Feeley, who is a brain cancer survivor. She is spending this Spring biking across the country to raise awareness (and money) towards the fight against brain cancer. Here are the opening 2 paragraphs to the article:

"My name is Anne Feeley. I am an American, a mother, a feminist, a baker, a wife, an atheist and a liberal Democrat. I am also a brain cancer survivor and an activist for brain cancer research and patient care.

But when I fill out the Census, all it will reflect is that I am a 55-year-old white woman, and nothing about how I got to this point in life."

Quite a good way to grab the readers attention at the beginning of the article, I thought. The piece goes on to tell Anne's story and how she started the project called Brains on Bikes. Right now, as I type, she and a friend are riding bikes from San Francisco to Washington DC, aiming to finish on July 15th.

You can follow the journey live on the Brains on Bikes blog - they plan on posting updates from the road to this site. I know I'll be checking in on their progress. You can also subscribe to them on their You Tube channel, where you can watch some great videos and meet Anne Feeley.

Who knows - maybe I'll make a road trip down to southern Kentucky in a few weeks/next month to cheer them on in person (anyone care to join me ?!?)

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Hugh said...

Hey thanks for the blog love, LMJ! We shared your post on the Brains on Bikes Facebook Page -- hope to get in touch as Anne & Gundy move further East.