June 15, 2010

HP Blast Run #8, #9, #10, & #11

Training run #8 was a great run for me. Our group tackled most of the same route as the Kicks for Kids 5K that I had done a few days before the training run. Lots of people were talking about how they felt after the organized 5k, most felling okay with their times but everyone definitely noted that the heat really took a toll on their ability to breath and keep up their energy on the 3.2 mile run. During the group run, I met a new running coach and she was telling us her "running story". She didn't start running until she was 50 years old and now that she's been running for a few years, she really enjoys it and looks forward to the groups runs. She has participated in several half marathons and when she runs those, she does the interval run/walking like I've been training. But instead of the 2 & 1 intervals, she does 9 & 1 intervals - runs for 9 minutes, then walks for 1 minute. I was really inspired by hearing this and it gave me some needed motivation to press on to finish the group run strong that night.

For training run #9 I had to work that morning, so I couldn't participate. I did meet up with a gal from the group the night before and we had a great long walk at a local park. It was fun to chat back and forth about life and it made the time pass quickly!

Run #10 was our longest training run - 4 miles - the same distance as the Hyde Park Blast run coming up in a few weeks. The weather conditions really helped make this a great run, especially being that it was my longest run ever. It was in the mid 70s, with cloudy skies, and it even sprinkled a bit around mile 3. Now I wouldn't have guessed I'd like running in the rain, but it was just the right amount to cool off in and then since we were close to the end of the run, there wasn't too much time for the air to get all muggy. My legs were definitely feeling some pain at the end of this run, like they should have stopped around 3 miles, but it was good to push myself and felt great actually being able to "run it in" for the last 2 & 1 interval!

Group run #11 fell on a weekend when JJ and I were out of town. Now according to my training schedule, I should have gone ahead and ran on my own, but to be honest I was ready for a break. It had been a very long week leading up to our weekend get-a-way, so I really made the most it by relaxing and getting some much needed sleep.

Today marks 12 days until the Hyde Park Blast 4 mile run. I'm excited for it, nervous at the same time, and really ready for the huge party that goes on afterwards too...guess I need to register!

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