November 24, 2010

A Day to Give Thanks

Warm wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving this week to all my dear blog readers out there. When trying to decide on a blog post about Thanksgiving, I came across the poem below and wanted to share it with you today. May you have a relaxing and peaceful day with your loved ones this Thanksgiving holiday.

by Douglas A. Cox

Thank you for the water
That soothes my deepest thirst
Thank you for the folks who see
The best and not the worst

Thank you for the air I breathe
The earth on which I stand
Thank you for the miracle
Of one hinge in my hand.

Thank you for my family
My friends who've come to know
That our words shape the life we live
They are the seeds we sow

So speak the words that heal the wounds
Of prejudice and hate
Replace the words the cynics choose
Before it is too late

Say thank you in your silence
Say thank you right out loud
Say it in your deepest heart
And shout it to the crowd

Thank you Lord for all these gifts
For giving me the choice
For helping me to see the good
And giving me a voice.

"In our joyous Thanksgiving may we find the path to peace!"

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