March 09, 2011

I'm "flying"...

In response to the recent question I asked myself last week - click here for more details - I've decided to participate in the Flying Pig half marathon on May 1st. Just need to actually sign up and pay for the half marathon now, but I'm full speed ahead with my training and now working on making sure I get all my training runs and cross training workouts in during the week. I'm also going to start experimenting with energy products like gu gels and sport beans on my long runs.

So, the countdown is on: 52 days until my first half marathon

Up next: Thursday's shorter run (3-4 miles) and Saturday's long run (8.2 miles)

Today's question to those runners out there: what has been your experience with energy products? Do you like a particular kind or find that a gel works better than an energy bar? Let me know your thoughts and experiences!


heathertj said...

This is huge! Im glad you made the decision to go for it. You'll do awesome.

Momma said...

Yay!!! I took the recomendation of Bryan and didn't buy any of the fancy stuff for race day. I tried the gel and thought it was gross, I bought fruit leathers the target brand and used those on my longer runs and I also had these fruit chews that I bought from Costco. They were kind of like real fruit fruit snacks. I had those with me on race day and my running partner had the jelly beans so we shared. They also pass things out during the race, they passed out gels so I had 1/2 of one.

I would try things out during your runs to find what you like and what is comfortable for you. Some people struggle chewing and running (at least that's what the guy at the running store told me!).

LJ said...

Thanks for the feedback "Momma" - I really appreciate your input!