June 30, 2008

Training Ride Update:

Over the weekend we had our group training ride and cookout to get pumped up for the MS Ride in July.

It was hosted by one of our team members, who has a beautiful home in Villa Hills, KY. Note that I said Villa Hills, so yep you can bet there were lots of hills along the ride!

Now about those hills, I've been riding my Dolce on many occasions and was feeling that I was pretty ready for the MS Ride, however after this past weekend's ride, I feel like I've been hit by a bus! I tried riding up a road called Amsterdam Rd. and boy was it an eye opener....talk about some serious windy hills. 

It seemed like it was never going to end and I felt like I was never going to make it to flat road. I didn't even make it a quarter a the way up the hill and had to get off and walk the bike the rest of the way up the hill! I was really bummed to have to get off the bike, but I still felt like I was getting a work out...at one point I was dripping with so much sweat, I'm sure I lost 5 pounds!

I have to admit that I didn't feel well the whole ride...but I powered through it and even though I had to walk up Amsterdam Rd., I did finish out the ride on the bike and overall it felt good to power through the tough parts.

I'm sure the cookout was great, but I was so beat from the hill & not feeling so great that we had to leave early. I certainly didn't want to be sick in front of everyone!!

The MS Ride is only 2 weeks away and after this ride I'm leaning toward the 50 miles each day, but we'll see how I'm feeling on Day 1 of the ride! Hopefully I'll feel better and at least try to ride the 75 miles on the first day....then maybe 50 miles the second day?!?!

Click this link to my fundraising page if you're interested in making a donation to the MS Society.


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Carole Warrick said...

Good luck, Lenna! We're proud of you!
Mom & Dad