June 26, 2008

Who Forgot to Pay the Maid?

Really...I mean the inside of the house is looking pretty rough around the edges (baseboards, windows, bathroom & kitchen floors, counter tops, laundry, all of it!). Guess we've been spending so much time working on our Curb Appeal, neither of us have tried to keep up with the "house cleaning duties".

I realized the place was quite messy when JJ mentioned the idea of having some friends over for dinner. Absolutely Not, I said, our place is a mess....dog & cat hair EVERYWHERE, dust bunnies in all corners, crumbs on the kitchen floor in front of the pantry....you name it in the lack of cleaning department and I bet I can locate it in our little Cape Cod house.

This lack of cleaning brings up another question....who does the cleaning in your house? If you live with someone or lots of someones, then who does what? In college, many people have a cleaning chart , sharing the duties one a week (or once a month). Should a couple have this system too? Some of my friends split it up like this: He does the "outside chores" (Lawn care, Trash & Garbage duties, etc.), She does the "inside chores" (Dusting, Mopping, Counter tops, etc). What about the laundry...each person does his/her own dirty clothes?

Our system works pretty well for the most part. We each do our own laundry...I cut the grass and he does the weed whacking (mostly b/c I can't seem to work the trimmer!). Inside the house, we usually split it up, I'll take the kitchen, he takes the bathroom, which I appreciate - Hint, Hint !!!

The only good news to this posting is that now I have stated the problem and will have to fix it...Bet you can guess what we'll be doing this weekend - CLEANING!!

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