March 23, 2009

Sunday's the day - Heart Mini 5k

So, the 5k run/jog is just 6 days away! This Sunday morning, I'll be in downtown Cincinnati pounding the pavement with hundreds of people running in the 2009 Heart Mini-Marathon & Heart Walk. JJ and I have joined the Local 12 team and have signed up to run/jog the 5k run which starts at 9am. So as you're enjoying your upcoming weekend on Sunday, say a prayer for me to finish the 5k! I'm sure I'll be shuffling at a snail's pace, but the goal here is to finish (even if it means I have to stop and walk a few blocks, then pick it back up to a light jog!)

Over these last few weeks, I've realized how dedicated you have to be to see improvement with running. It takes real commitment to get out there everyday and jog a bit more or a bit faster each time you head outside. Jogging outside is so much different than being on the treadmill. It is so much harder! Don't get me wrong, the scenery is much better outside, but the pavement is harder on your feet & knees.

For last night's run, JJ and I did a 2 mile jog together around our neighborhood. It has been really great to have him for support while I'm taking on this new challenge. He's been helping me push just a little further each time we've been out jogging. That's what it's about, setting small goals, like okay - I can make it to the mailbox, then continuing to push more as we jog up the hills. I'm thankful that we've decided to run the 5k together this weekend! It's going to be very helpful to have him by my side as we line up for the start of the run. His pace is faster than mine, so we may or may not finish together, but I'm really pumped for everything and know that we'll have a great time on Sunday.


WestEnder said...

You are a rock star.

re: mailbox... I was recuperating after knee surgery one time and told my erstwhile gf about how I walked to the mailbox, which I considered a recovery milestone. She laughed and laughed.

Blond Across the Pond said...

L, I have really enjoyed reading about your training and the 5k is here! I have always been afraid of doing something like entering a race because running seems so difficult! Way to go - can't wait to read about your success and see the pics.