July 27, 2009

My Dolce's Latest Adventure

When I started CincySpin, a majority of the posts were supposed to be about my new bike, which I refer to as "My Dolce", and the adventures I go on while riding this sweet road bike. Well, those of you who check in often already know that I haven't written (or ridden) much about the 'ol Dolce this year.

Busy weekends and a bit of wedding planning have made it a challenge to schedule riding time this summer, but we did have an awesome time on the bikes a few weekends ago at the 5th annual Tour d'Burg in Miamisburg.

We opted for the 25 mile ride and invited JJ's Dad and step Mom to join us on the road as we pedaled through the streets of the Burg and outlying areas. We enjoyed wonderful weather for the ride and had a nice, mostly flat ride.

(JJ, Nan, Jim & LW at the Rest Stop)
(LW in action) (Jim & Nan, cruising along)

Another part of the weekend that made it extra fun was introducing my parents to JJ's Dad and step Mom. In all the years we've been dating they've never met, so it was definitely something we wanted to make happen before the wedding. A great time was had by all! We decided to take Jim & Nan on a "Tour of the 'Burg" restaurant style...dinner at Ron's Pizza & drinks at A Taste of Wine the night before the ride. Then after the ride it was lunch & beers at TJ Chumps. Oh, and we even managed to get JJ's Dad to scarf down a burger from the Hamburger Wagon after the ride (Both JJ & Jim get Pickle & Onions, I'm a no Pickle Hamburger Wagon kinda gal, in case you were wondering!)

(The group enjoying A Taste of Wine)

Cheers to a fabulous weekend with family!


Carole Warrick said...

Fun weekend!

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