May 18, 2010

HP Blast - Run #2 & #3

So far so good with the training for the Hyde Park Blast run at the end of June.

Training run #2 was great. My group, which is the beginners 2 & 1 group, went out for a 25 minute workout. With the 2 & 1 interval running style, we started out running for 2 minutes, then walk for 1 minute and followed that pattern for the whole workout. We took off from our meeting spot and ran on some of the most beautiful streets Cincinnati has to offer. No doubt looking at all the beautiful homes and landscaping made it a bit easier to keep my feet shuffling one in front of the other. This route had a lot more hills to tackle than the previous week's, so that was challenging. Overall, I felt good and enjoyed meeting some new people who ran with our group.

Training run #3 was pretty hard. I ended up getting a cold in between the two runs and by the time run #3 came along, I was really wiped out, feeling sick and unsure if I should even go out for the run. I decided that laying in bed wasn't helping me feel better, so I laced up my shoes and met the group at our meeting spot. That day we did 2 miles and it was rough. For the first 2 runs I was able to stay near the front of the group, but with this one, I was near the back and had to take a few walk breaks during the 2 minute runs. Overall, I really did feel better after pushing through the run - I think it helped get some of the gunk out of my lungs.

So, on to run #4 tonight - still feeling sick with a cold, but pushing through to get ready for The Blast at the end of next month!

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