July 15, 2010

It's a 'Jungle' out there...

Last weekend I met up with my cousin Kara and we headed out to Jungle Jim's for the afternoon. It was a fun day of catching up with each other and checking out all the unique items the international market has to offer.
Just look at the picture below, all of those jars are filled with honey. According to their website, this is known as the Jungle Jim's Honey Table. The table offers hundreds of varieties of honey and more options can be found throughout the store along the international aisles. Now, that's just sweet! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)
Now this aisle below is the whole reason I wanted to make the trip up to this mega store...
It is an aisle dedicated to chocolates, candies and biscuits from England. I was extremely fortunate to travel to London in the summer of 2000 and participate in a study abroad program. While I did fall in love with many things while traveling to this wonderful place, thinking about all the candy varieties I tried while on that trip brings back some really fun memories! We would have class in the mornings, break for lunch at the Queenslarder Pub in the Bloomsbury neighborhood, where I stayed, and them some classmates and I would stop off at the corner market to stock up on sweets before our final afternoon class.
Below are the ones that I indulged...the Double Decker by Cadbury is by far my favorite. It's a crispy cereal bottom layer, a chewy nougat top layer, all covered in delicious milk chocolate. There is said to be a slight hint of coffee in there too - now I know why I got addicted to them for the month I lived in London!
Kara and I found ourselves in the beer and wine aisle, where the choices were just overwhelming! She picked up a blueberry beer she had heard good reviews on and I bought a build-your-own 6 pack with some summer brews for me and JJ.
Have you been to the 'jungle'?
What are your favorite aisles at Jungle Jim's?
Share, why don'tcha!

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