July 19, 2010

Brains on Bikes make it to DC

A few months back, I wrote a blog post about the Brains on Bikes group. Two strong and powerful women, cycling across the country to raise awareness for brain cancer. Well, here's some awesome news...
I am happy to report that Anne Feeley and her friend Gundy have completed their Brains on Bikes journey and arrived safely in Washington DC on July 17th! A huge CONGRATS to them and their supporters - what an amazing, life changing journey. Together, these women cycled nearly 4,000 miles, covering 9 states beginning in San Fransisco traveling all the way to Washington DC.
All of these photos are posted on the Brains on Bikes facebook page - if you spend time of facebook, check them out. There are tons of amazing pictures from their cross country journey and you'll also be able to keep up with them on future efforts to spread awareness for brain cancer research and developments. (The rights to all these photos are attributed to the Brains on Bikes facebook page & fan photos)

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