March 23, 2010

Taking the Pledge...

Today's Oprah show was about distracted driving. Mostly texting while driving and the dangers this multi-tasking causes on area roadways. Several guests on the program have been deeply effected by these actions; their fathers, mothers, children, sisters, brothers have died - all because of the result of someones actions - actions like texting while driving. I was totally blown away by these stories and feel it is a good idea to spread the word on how dangerous driving while distracted by our cell phones can be.

Here is a link to the entire show: Distracted Driving - Full Episode

Please consider watching it. I know it's a long video (approx 41 minutes), and I understand if you don't have time at this moment to watch the entire show. However, if you can spare 8 minutes and watch the first family's story, I believe you will see how important this issue is in our country.

One thing Oprah is encouraging is for people to take action and make a change in their own lives. She's launched the No Phone Zone contract and hopes that people will consider taking the pledge and not use their cell phones while driving. After seeing how devastating texting and driving can be to peoples lives, I have signed up for the pledge. I will no longer text and drive. I will not be checking Facebook on my smart phone while behind the wheel. I will only make and/or answer phone calls in an emergency situation. And should I feel the need to send a text or make a phone call, I will make every effort to pull over to the side of the road or in a parking lot - then I will handle that all important text or phone call.

If I have inspired at least one person to join in this movement with me, then this has been time well spent. Consider signing the "No Phone Zone" pledge - just click here for more information.
Thanks for listening.

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