August 26, 2010

10K training run update

I've been participating in some more training runs to get ready for the 10K (6.2) mile run I have on September 18th. So far, so good. I'm currently running consistently 2 days a week and have been trying to get in one other day with some type of cross training - mostly walking, though it's a great week in Cincy for a bike ride - perhaps this will be how I spend my Friday afternoon!

The past several Saturday mornings I have been getting up at 7am to go to running group where we are running about 2 miles. The past 2 Saturdays I have stayed late and ran 2 extra miles, making my most recent weekend runs 4 miles. The first time I did extra miles I felt great. The weather in Cincy had been really really hot with temps in the mid 90s and high humidity, but luckily when it came time for my Saturday run, the weather had become more manageable and I pushed through the extra 2 miles by myself with my some good tunes on my iPod to keep me company. Then last weekend, a few of the girls in the group wanted to get some more miles too, so it was nice to have the company, even though two of them were kicking my butt and I was bringing up the rear!

So far this week I've run on Monday and Wednesday nights. Monday was a 3 mile run and it was great. I met up with one of the girls from the Hyde Park Blast training group and we ran through an awesome neighborhood where there were tons of other people out exercising. It was really great to see so many people out walking and running - families pushing kids in strollers, people out with their dogs, other groups of gals pounding the pavement - it's nice to be in a neighborhood where so many people care about being active.
I snapped this self portrait last night before the group run - kinda silly I know, but since I'm using the blog as my "online journal" I figured I'd show you all that I really am enjoying this new adventure and nothing says that more than a picture with a smile! Last night we ran 2 miles. We did a very familiar out and back route, which is where you run 1 mile out and turn around and run 1 mile back, but I have to say the best part about last nights group run was our impromptu girls night out! There's an English pub right next door to the running store and it just so happens that Wednesday's is also Ladies Night - Yay for us! It was a much needed gathering for many of us as life is giving us lemons and we are all trying to make lemonade out of things. A great night with some great gals - lots of laughs and a few cocktails, not bad for a Wednesday night if you ask me!

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Kate The Great said...

Lenna - LOVE IT! I've been getting in to casual cycling... Have been biking to/from work for about a week and remain committed to it for the rest of the nice weather through fall. The biking makes me want to bike during my free time, too, and now I'm thinking I should add a bit of jogging to the routine. You are such an inspiration!