August 11, 2010

Air Force 10K Run

I registered for my first 10k (6.2) mile run. I'm still kinda surprised that I actually followed through and signed my self up for it. My running buddies have been staying committed to their training and I've kinda slacked off for a week or two and I can totally tell - they are kicking my butt - they are running 3 and 1 intervals and I'm barley able to breath! But, sometimes it's a good kick in the butt that we need to get us motivated to push ourselves on to bigger things, even if they are intimidating. So, after a poor effort at a run last night, I've decided to re-commitment myself to myself. It's time to get back on the wagon, sick to a training schedule & get ready for my next run. This seems to be what gets me moving - signing up for a run, paying the registration fee and setting a schedule that will help me stay on track to complete my goal.

So, here I go again - I'll be posting updates about my training runs here on the blog. Some of you might not want to hear about these, so no pressure on reading those posts as they come over the next few weeks, just skip on past them! Posting about my feelings on the training runs helps me stay committed to everything and keeping this "online" journal helps me follow through on meeting my goal.

September 18th - that's the date for the Air Force 10k Run - so the countdown is on and I say bring it!

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