August 09, 2010

Tudor's Biscuit World

"Start your day the homemade way" - that's the slogan for Tudor's Biscuit World - a West Virginia chain restaurant that specializes in homemade buttermilk biscuits. Tudor's serves up breakfast sandwiches and plate lunch specials to the locals and it's seems to be a favorite spot among many visitors too. While visiting some friends this past weekend, a Saturday morning breakfast run was made to the biscuit world. No doubt these people know how to do biscuits. The biscuits are huge and looked delicious. Tudor's offers many varieties of biscuit sandwiches. Ham and Cheese, Sausage Egg & Cheese, Plain Buttered Biscuit with Jelly - those all sounds pretty typical of local fast food chains serving up breakfast treats that are easy to eat with one hand. However, Tudor's has taken their game of breakfast "sammies" to a whole new level...enter The Mountaineer. A homemade buttermilk biscuit, egg, cheese, hash brown, and country ham - all in one very tall, artery clogging sandwich. I think most people who consume this beast will need to eat with two hands, the thing is that big!
In my research for this blog post, I did find it interesting that no where on Tudor's website is any nutrition information listed. Normally, restaurants list the calories that go along with the menu items - now these listings might be in the very fine print - which most people won't notice, but those looking for the info know where to find it. I was also surprised to learn that this point was actually the talk of the town in WV earlier this year when a proposed calorie count bill failed that would have required all chain restaurants to list caloric figures for their menu items. A version of the bill did pass into law, but there it was amended made to take smaller chains, like Tudor's, out of the bill.

Here's a report from the West Virginia Public Broadcasting channel that gives some more detail about the bill and how lawmakers actually ate free samples of Tudor's biscuits while they were discussing the bill.

I'm really not that surprised that Tudor's Biscuit World does not publicly post the nutritional information for their food. My guess is that anyone eating at a Tudor's breakfast biscuit sandwich *and* slurping down a large Sweet Tea to go along with it really isn't interested in knowing that they are probably consuming an entire day's worth of calories in one meal. But that's just a guess...

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Jeremy D said...

wow, so that is how a bill (doesn't) become a law. It's simpler than I thought. The majority of the votors don't want the food to change.