August 10, 2010

Lexi's 3rd annual walk

I had a great time at the Alexis Black walk for SLOS awareness in Barboursville, WV this past weekend. About 125 people gathered together for the walk and many shared their stories on how Smith Lemli Opitz has played a role in their life. My friends Mandy and Jason put on an awesome walk that so many families enjoyed and it was truly evident by the smiles beaming on all the faces throughout the day. Enjoy some of these pictures.

Crowds gathering at the registration tent:
Mandy, Lexi and Jason:
Lexi with her SLOS friends
(L to R: Lexi, Spencer, Kamryn, Carson, Riley and Cody)

Some of the SLOS families who travelled to WV for the walk:
Lexi loving the swing set after the walk:
There is still time to contribute a donation to the SLOS foundation through Lexi's website if that's something that interests you. Thanks for your time and check back soon for some of the video I took during the walk!

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